CES 2022

Mercedes-Benz’s solar-assisted EV concept could get 620 miles of range

The sporty-looking Vision EQXX concept pushes the boundaries, both figuratively and literally.

Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle Vision EQXX concept rendering.

Mercedes-Benz’ new concept could leave other EVs in the dust when it comes to range — or at least it could in theory.

According to Mercedes, the new Vision EQXX concept, unveiled at CES 2022, could achieve an unprecedented 620 miles on a single charge using new a new and improved drivetrain, more efficient aerodynamics, and technology taken from the page of EV startup, Lightyear.

Similarly to the Lightyear One, the EQXX would use solar panels on its roof to help extend range both while driving and parked. While nowhere near the 640-mile mark being promised, Lightyear has already done some promising testing with the One, achieving 460 miles on a single charge.

From an energy perspective, Mercedes-Benz says it’s making the EQXX’s battery both lighter and more efficient, meaning more range without all that extra battery mass weighing the car down.



The EQXX's battery pack weighs 30 percent less than an existing battery with comparable range.

Impressive as it may be, Mercedes’ claim is still very much theoretical. The company says it based range estimates off of simulations rather than real-world testing, meaning there’s quite a road ahead until the EV mileage record gets shattered.

Even as a concept, however, the EQXX has a lot to offer. On top of lofty mileage claims, Mercedes-Benz is offering a novel approach to sustainability by crafting its interior materials from things like mushroom fibers and recycled food scraps.

Conversely, the dash appears to be one big screen — a similar design to its Hyperscreen, which spans a whopping 56 inches.

The EQXX is still a concept, so it’s too early to start talking release dates, but Mercedes-Benz still has quite a few EVs in the pipeline with the goal of electrifying its entire lineup of cars by 2030.

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