Watch Mark Zuckerburg torment you with BBQ sauce in this Meta parody

The video is intended as comedy, but we’re not sure whether to laugh or cry.

While we await the launch of Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, one absurdist YouTube channel, Surreal Entertainment, has given us an unsettling and darkly comedic glimpse at what Zuck’s VR future could be like.

Surreal Entertainment

The immersive parody video throws watchers into a “choose-your-own adventure” experience starring none other than Zuckerberg, himself. Your choice is simple — accept or decline Zuck’s offering of Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce.

Surreal Entertainment
Our only advice is to choose wisely. That’s a knife not a spoon behind Zuck’s back.Surreal Entertainment

Here’s Surreal Entertainment’s recommendations for watching the video:

- Watch in full-screen

- Zoom out fully (it starts slightly zoomed in)

- Watch in 4K. If you don't, the quality will be a bit shitty because at any given moment you're just watching a section of the 4k video because it's just a 4k video mapped onto a sphere basically

- Use a stereo/surround speaker system. Sounds should be fixed in 3D space when you rotate/look around which sounds epic

Surreal Entertainment

The video also provides some commentary on the stranglehold Zuck has on the consumers of his product. I’d recommend checking the video out in full here — it also comes with a rotating camera option as well. Happy metaversing everyone.

Surreal Entertainment

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