Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 UI looks a lot more sophisticated

Leaked images show how Samsung and Google's One UI Watch collaboration will integrate features like biometrics and navigation with Android smartphones.

Promotional image of Samsung's One UI Watch interface

Earlier this summer Samsung announced a new user experience to accompany its smartwatches: One UI Watch, a platform built on top of Google’s Wear OS that aims to more deeply integrate the Galaxy Watch and Android smartphone experience.


Since that announcement, we’ve had a few more updates on just what the new UI will bring to the table, including a recent drop of leaked pictures (all of which are written in Portuguese) showing off some updated app experiences, like...



Looks like the One UI interface will provide a very detailed look into biometrics — from body fat to body water measuring and more.


Other pictures hint at a new, more integrated biometric interface for gleaning a detailed breakdown of your sleep, including snoring time to blood oxygen levels, all of which will also be available on your phone.

Deeper integration

In a final leaked image, it appears the One UI Watch aims to merge the ecosystems between phone and watch. So if you’re navigating somewhere through Google Maps on your phone it will also show up on your watch.

These images follow up a video teaser for the Galaxy Watch 4 that leaked around a week ago. The leak, courtesy of SamMobile, also shows a highly integrated user experience between phone and watch.


There’s no specific release date for the Galaxy Watch 4, but we’ll know more in just a week when Samsung holds its annual Unpacked event, where we’ll also get to see exactly what One UI Watch can do in full.


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