Land Energy's rugged e-motorcycle can swap batteries on the fly

The District is a hybrid electric bike and motorcycle ready to tackle the road and the trail

An electric bike and motorcycle hybrid with swappable battery from Land Energy. E-bike. E-motorcycle...

Looks like off-road e-bike enthusiasts are getting yet another two-wheeler to covet.

Meet District

District, which is being developed by Ohio upstart, Land Energy, is part e-bike, part e-motorcycle and will come equipped with multiple ride modes. An e-bike setting will have a max speed of 20 mph and a slightly faster e-moped speed will top out at 27 mph. At its highest, e-motorcycle setting, District will top out at...

65 mph

And it's street legal too.

Ride modes aren’t exactly what make the District well-suited for off-road excursions, however, it’s the ability to hot-swap batteries for increased range. Lightweight, modular batteries could make District ideal for anyone thinking about venturing slightly off-the-grid.

A base District 01 model uses single 1.8 kWH battery pack with 40 miles of range, while a more expensive District Founders model comes with a 3.6 kWh battery with 80 miles of range. If that’s still not enough, there an optional 5 kWh pack with...

100+ miles

No word on how much the additional range will cost.

Like other e-bikes of the District’s ilk, it won’t come cheap. A base model will run $8,000 while the most expensive Founder’s edition will cost $15,000.

It’s not clear when or even if the District will go to market, but if you’re feeling especially passionate about its prospects, you can put a $100 down payment on your hot-swappable future right now.

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