iPhone 12: 6 things you may have missed

Apple's newest iPhones were a lot to take in. Here are some important bits that you might have overlooked.

A new slate of iPhones is ushering in several firsts for Apple, including 5G connectivity, the first-ever "mini" phone designation, and even a new RAW camera format for Pro users.

In the deluge of new features and specs, you may have missed some major updates. Here are six changes that slid under the radar.

Fast wired charging

On one hand, Apple has done away with the inclusion of charging adapters. On the other, all of the new iPhones support 20-watt charging... at least for an additional price. Apple is selling a 20-watt power adapter for $20. While the additional cost may rub you the wrong way, the bright side is you can use it to charge other devices outside of the Apple ecosystem.

Prices may vary

Speaking of prices, it turns out the prices advertised by Apple during its event may be different (read: higher) depending on which carrier you have. Apple advertised the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini with starting prices of $799 and $699, respectively. However, those prices include a discount from AT&T and Verizon. If you're buying a SIM-free phone or going through T-Mobile or Sprint, though, it'll actually cost you $30 more.

Pro Max camera

Display size isn't the only thing differentiating Apple's iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. According to Apple, the bigger and more expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max ($1,099) has a 47 percent larger sensor than its Pro counterpart. That's a pretty big difference in the phone's ability to capture images and video in low light. It also improves the dynamic range.

No charging adapter

Prior to Apple's iPhone 12 unveiling, it was rumored that the company would no longer include earbuds in the box. It's now confirmed the EarPods are gone. New iPhones also don't come with charging adapters. Apple says the decision to stop including adapters and earbuds is a part of its revamped sustainability goals.

Adaptive 5G features

Apple is readying its phones for 5G with some smart features meant to make using high-speed networks more dynamic and battery friendly. Smart Data Mode helps automatically choose when to use 5G or revert to 4G LTE when higher speeds aren't needed. Apple says the feature saves battery, though it's still somewhat unclear exactly how the feature determines when 5G is necessary.

No 120Hz screen

Sometimes it's about what you're not getting in a phone. Despite some murmurs earlier this year that the iPhone 12 might have a 120Hz screen, no such technology is present in the lineup. The iPhone 12 sticks with a 60Hz display, which is the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 11.

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