iPad: 4 coolest cases that make it more versatile

The iPad is a versatile tablet, but it can work in even more situations when paired with the right case.

The Apple iPad is the most versatile tablet.

Zugu Muse

What it is: The Muse is a case that protects the iPad from all sides when closed, including a place on the rear to hold the Apple Pencil. The stylus can still charge from the exterior, and the cover flips round to allow full access to the screen.

Why it's so versatile: When flipped around, the front cover enables the iPad to stand at one of eight different angles. Unlike other cases, these angles are positioned at the rear of the device.

The case can even be used as a fridge magnet.

Flipping the case to the rear makes positioning a breeze.

Logitech Combo Touch

What it is: If you have the seventh-generation iPad or third-generation iPad Air, the Logitech Combo Touch could fit your needs. This serves as an alternative to Apple's Magic Keyboard, the case that transforms the iPad Pro into a laptop.

Why it's versatile: A trackpad is built into the case for ease of use.

The keyboard is removable for added flexibility.

The kickstand can tilt up to 50 degrees.

Pipetto Origami Case

What it is: This case takes the traditional Apple tri-fold cover, and adds an extra series of folds.

Why it's versatile: Where the original Apple design is limited to just two orientations, the Pipetto design can fold into five different ways while still looking sleek.

When folded, the case can offer two more upright portrait positions.

The case even holds the iPad in portrait mode, something of a rarity with iPad cases.

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain

What it is: Griffin's iPad case offers four layers to help protect against drops from up to six feet. It also features a rear strap for added grip.

Why it's versatile: The case completely covers the iPad, meaning you can take it on all sorts of adventures.

Griffin has included an adjustable strap with the case.

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