WWDC 2022

8 notable iOS 16 features Apple skipped over at WWDC 2022

Besides the headlining changes we saw yesterday, there were plenty of other cool features in iOS 16 that weren’t on display during the keynote.

8 notable iOS 16 features Apple skipped over at WWDC 2022

Apple showed off a ton of new features for iOS 16 during WWDC 2022, some of which will make life a lot easier for iPhone users. Not all of those features got stage time, however. Here are eight that are worth spotlighting.

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8. Safeguard your nudes

Some photos are meant for your eyes only and Apple totally agrees. Your Hidden and Recently Deleted folders are now locked by default and can be unlocked with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. Finally.

7. Face ID in landscape

In iOS 16, Face ID works in landscape mode. It’s a small tweak, but now you won’t have to rotate your phone back and forth — something that gets annoying fast when you’re unlocking your iPhone all day.

6. Tactile typing

The audio cues from typing on the iPhone keyboard are nice, but iOS 16 introduces haptic feedback when you type to make things feel even more tactile and responsive.


5. Hands-free hang up

iOS 16 upgraded Siri with the ability to hang up your phone calls with the voice command, “Hey Siri, hang up.” Yes, those on the call with you will hear that phrase, but it’s a small price to pay for improved safety.

4. Rapid security response

Apple is splitting up its security updates from its software updates, so it doesn’t have to wait for the regular iOS updates to address security vulnerabilities. In iOS 16, these security updates will be applied automatically, but there is an option to disable this.


3. Ducking finally

iOS 16 has the ability to unsend messages, but apparently, we get a 15-minute window to edit or delete the text. That should be plenty of time to fix any stupid autocorrected text or even just unsend the text completely.


2. Goodbye duplicate photos

For those of us with terrible photo management habits, iOS 16 has an easy solution. The Photos app will identify duplicated photos and automatically delete the lower-res version to clear up your library a little.


1. Easier editing

iOS 16 also brings the ability to copy and paste your edit settings from other photos. You can edit just one photo from your batch of selfies, then import all the edit settings to the rest before deciding which one is the keeper.


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