iOS 14 public beta: 5 coolest tricks you may have missed

The iOS 14 beta has been making its way out to public testers. Here are some of the coolest tricks you may have overlooked.

The iOS 14 beta's coolest tricks.

Fast camera switching

What it is: iOS 14 lets you change the camera's resolution and frames per second from within the camera app. Go to Camera under the Settings app and switch on the Video Format Control. This tweak was spotted by Twitter user "badman_jd."

Why it's cool: Users can now switch to 4K and 60 frames per second when they want higher quality, or drop down to HD and 30 frames per second to save storage.

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Rename Bluetooth devices

What it is: Users can now change the name of an individual device under Bluetooth settings. This feature was spotted by Reddit user "TestFlightBeta."

Why it's cool: You can finally give your devices more meaningful names than just "generic headphone brand model X."

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Change your passwords

What it is: iCloud's password manager, located under the Settings app, will now tell users if their password is easy to guess, or similar to another password, or if it's been part of a data breach.

Why it's cool: After July's major Twitter hack, keeping your information safe is back in the headlines.


Zoom in further

What it is: Spotted by Reddit user "Whistler_V6T," this tweak enables users to zoom into individual photos much closer than ever.

Why it's cool: Small tweaks like these make using the iPhone on a daily basis much more straightforward.

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Sound detection

What it is: As spotted by Federico Viticci, iOS 14 can now detect sounds like a baby crying, a smoke alarm, a door bell, or shouting.

Why it's cool: The new feature is supported by the Shortcuts app. That means you can set your phone so that when it hears a specific sound, it will take action. The sky's the limit.


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