Ikea pledges to make batteries greener by 2021

The furniture giant is removing non-rechargeable alkaline batteries by 2021 – and it's not the only firm taking steps.

Ikea batteries.

Ikea, the furniture company with more than 400 stores worldwide, is planning to make its battery offerings more environmentally friendly.

In September 2020, the firm announced plans to drop its Alkalisk lineup of non-rechargeable batteries.

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"All non-rechargeable alkaline batteries will be removed from the global home furnishing range by October 2021."

Ikea press release

The company claims that after 10 charges of a nickel-metal hydride battery, emissions of greenhouse gases are lower when compared with getting the same amount of energy to an alkaline battery.



After 50 charges, the total environmental impact of a NiMH battery is equal to or less than an alkaline battery.


That's a conservative figure, though – the company's NiMH-based Ladda battery can be recharged 500 times.


5,000 tons

If every Ikea customer bought its rechargeable batteries instead of non-rechargeable ones, and they charged each one 50 times, it would reduce global waste by 5,000 tons per year.


"By phasing out alkaline batteries and focusing on our range of rechargeable batteries, we are ... offering customers an affordable and convenient solution to prolong the life of products and materials, and reduce waste."

Caroline Reid, Sustainability Development Manager at Ikea Range & Supply


Ikea is not the only company making moves in sustainability this year. Microsoft announced plans in January 2020 to be carbon negative by 2030, and to remove its historical emissions by 2050.

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Royal Dutch Shell announced in April that it plans to reach net-zero by 2050, making it the biggest oil and gas company to release a public target.

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With 2019 being the second-hottest year on record, global corporations will need to undergo transformative changes to stop the climate crisis from getting worse...


Which means every step counts, right down to the last battery.


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