Hummer's new electric SUV is big, fast, and costs a fortune

The newest addition to Hummer's next-gen EV lineup is as expensive as it is powerful.

Hummer’s next-gen line of super-powered electric vehicles just got a new companion...

The Hummer EV SUV

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In keeping with GMC’s theme for the next-gen Hummer lineup, its EV SUV, unveiled this week, has some pretty potent specs.

830 HP

Hummer's most powerful electric SUV can have up to to 830 horsepower.

300+ miles

GMC says the EV will at least 300 miles of range, and potentially more depending on the package.

As you may have already guessed, those eye-popping specs come with an equally impactful price.


The Hummer EV SUV will debut with a special edition launch version that starts at an eye-watering $110,595.


A base model will be released after the launch edition for significantly less money.

While many of the vehicle’s specs are similar to Hummer’s previously unveiled electric pickup, the SUV will have at least a couple of defining features, including its inclusion of an enclosed rear cargo area as opposed to a bed. The glass panels on the roof can also be removed for a more open-air feel.

The lack of bed and the SUV’s wheelbase also means the vehicle will have a slightly smaller battery compared to the pickup, which carries GMC’s most powerful battery pack.

In addition to a modified exterior, the SUV will also have an optional power station generator that allows it to charge other electronics and even other electric vehicles.

Hummer’s SUV EV will still have flagship features unveiled in its previously announced pickup, including Crab Walk, which allows the car to move diagonally across tricky terrain, and Extract Mode, which raises the car on-command to protect the undercarriage during off-road excursions.

The SUV will also come with Super Cruise, which allows hands-free driving on some roads, and an automatic lane change feature that can (you guessed it) switch between lanes autonomously.


GMC said it will start producing the Hummer EV SUV in 2023.

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