Huge leak shows off rumored Oculus Pro

Videos featuring the next Oculus headset made the rounds over the weekend, just a few days before Facebook's VR-focused Connect event.

Facebook Oculus Quest Pro headset

With only a few days until Facebook Connect, an event where the company showcases its latest VR tech, promotional videos with what looks to be the rumored Oculus Pro have surfaced.


Reddit leak

The videos were posted in the Oculus Quest subreddit by user Samulia, who discovered the videos in the Oculus Quest’s “Seacliff” firmware (Seacliff is a codename for an unreleased Oculus product). The four animated videos don’t list specs, but they do show off a redesigned look and new software features.


Different look

The headset in the videos, which may be the much-anticipated Oculus Quest Pro, looks very different from the first two Quest headsets. There are no visible cameras, but they could be obscured behind the glossy material covering the front part of the headset. The ski goggle design looks better than HTC’s bug-inspired headset. The headband appears similar to the Quest 2 Elite Strap with a built-in battery, which is sold separately.


The Quest controllers are the other visible hardware change. The new controllers don’t feature the iconic tracking rings. The new design tracks with leaked images and renders from earlier this year. In one video, the controllers are resting on a dock, which is probably a charging station.


Virtual office

Productivity features are shown prominently in the video and make sense considering Facebook’s push to make the Quest a business-friendly device. The first video shows two people meeting up in Workrooms, using their hands and controllers to interact with a 3D model of a home. In the other video, a woman uses Infinite Office to pull up files to interact with the same file with her controllers.


VR Avatar

In another video, a user creates their own custom avatar in a virtual mirror, with the option to choose hairstyle, outfits, and accessories. When the avatar is created, it copies the user’s movements in the mirror. Surely, this will be a big deal for Facebook’s Horizon Worlds social VR app, which is currently in invite-only beta.



The final video shows a group of friends meeting up virtually to play games, quickly switching between games and apps with a swipe of the hand. These two features aren’t exactly new, as Oculus debuted the Public Parties earlier this year. Instead of just a voice call, however, it seems you’ll be able to see your friends’ avatars. Travel Together is a feature that launched this year as well, which allows you and your friends to jump directly into experiences as a group. But it’s fast app switching that is exciting.


October 28

Facebook Connect will be held on Thursday, starting at 1pm ET.



Whether Facebook will announce the rumored Quest Pro is one thing, but it’s unlikely to release this year. Facebook’s Reality Labs VP, Andrew Bosworth, said the Quest Pro is “still not gonna happen this year.” Regardless, the event should at least unveil what Facebook is doing with VR in the future.


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