Higround and Sega collab on chaotic Sonic, Dreamcast keyboards

The collab features three Sonic-themed mechanical keyboards, but the Dreamcast one is the chef’s kiss.

Higround / Twitter

Act 1

We all love a good retro throwback, especially when it’s done well. For the latest hit of nostalgia, Higround is partnering with Sega for three eye-catching Sonic The Hedgehog/Dreamcast-themed mechanical keyboards. The keyboards were revealed during the Zedd in the Park outdoor music festival in Los Angeles.


Of the three keyboards, the Dreamcast-themed one has to be the most tastefully designed. Higround nails the old school look and color scheme, which we can only describe as different shades of Dreamcast Gray.

The perfect keyboard for those of us who grew up on Dreamcast.Higround

If you want something with a little more Sonic in it, Higround has two designs that are more in-your-face. There’s one featuring the classic Green Hill Zone and its iconic loops and another featuring Sonic and Shadow in a design that’s reminiscent of old-school gaming forum signatures.

Gotta type fast.Higround
We’re getting a real heavy 90s online forums vibe from this one.Higround

Higround hasn’t released any of the specs for the Sonic keyboards, but all three look like 65 percent layouts. A previous collab with the streetwear label Prix was also a 65 percent layout with hot-swappable switches and an aluminum plate body.


Gonna go fast

The previous Prix mechanical keyboard sold out fast, so you should probably sign up for early access for the Sonic drop on the Higround website.

Higround / Twitter

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