Here's what it looks like to take a joyride using Audi's AR windshield

The Audi Q4 E-Tron will come with a "heads-up" augmented reality display that transforms your windshield into another screen.

Automotive companies are loading their next-gen vehicles up with screens. You’ve got displays in the dashboard, behind the steering wheel, in the back seat, screens that span the entire car, and now, if Audi and other auto titans are to be believed, your windshield is also going to be a type of screen.

Mercedes-Benz's giant Hyperscreen display.

Audi just unveiled the interior of its Q4 E-tron, an upcoming crossover EV set to be released sometime this year. There are a few pretty nifty features built into this crossover SUV, but arguably none are more cutting edge than its “heads-up display” – an augmented reality windshield. And fortunately for us, Audi gave a pretty detailed (if incomplete) preview of what the technology will look like.