Here's the first look at One Plus' Harry Potter-themed smartwatch

One Plus hopes your Harry Potter fandom will compel you to buy its new themed smartwatch.

One Plus is finally showing off its very timely Harry Potter-themed smartwatch.

The aptly named OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition

Outside of its exclusive copper color, the smartwatch also has several tie-ins with the Harry Potter universe, including special animations for when it boots up or down and six custom watch faces (yes they have one for Slytherin and Hogwarts).

A brown leather band also comes with some Harry Potter branding.

There’s at least one not-so-magical caveat to One Plus’ Harry Potter watch, however, which is the fact that it’s only being sold in India at the moment. If you are able to buy one, it’ll cost you more than a few butterbeers.


The retail price in India is currently ₹16,999.

Oct 21

The watch will go on sale this week

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