Here's the first look at Mercedes-Benz's electric EQS sedan

You can now ogle the EQS and its comically large infotainment system in all their glory.

Mercedes-Benz is giving us a closer look at its electric future.

Meet: the EQS.

Mercedes’ next-gen electric sedan, unveiled in full for the first time this week, offers a detailed look at the company’s vision for future electric vehicles and offers up (at least design-wise) a rebuttal to juggernauts in the EV space like Tesla.

Notable flourishes include...


Perhaps one of the biggest design details of Mercedes-Benz’s recent reveal is a two-tone color scheme. While the grey and black scheme won’t be the only color options, it’s a pointed and clearly divergent aesthetic choice in the context of other top-end EVs currently on the market.

The Hyperscreen

The EQS will also offer the company’s massive 56-inch dash display. The “Hyperscreen” as it’s called is actually three displays meant to look like one seamless screen and is the centerpiece for Mercedes’ next-gen technology suite. If giant displays aren’t your thing, the Hyperscreen is optional, not mandated.


The EQS will have a completely restyled interior with plenty of curves, spacious cockpit seating, and these nifty wrap-around lights.

Automatic doors

Even the EQS’ doors will make a statement with a feature that allows drivers to summon the flush, retracting door handles at a touch. An added package will also give drivers the option to have the doors open automatically as they approach the EQS. Don’t worry, sensors and cameras are watching to ensure the EQS doesn’t swing a door into a median... or worse, another car.

Like other recent entrants into the EV space, including Hyundai, the EQS will have an augmented reality display on its windshield, which can project arrows for navigation, or provide safety notifications.

Design flare isn’t the only thing separating the EQS from rival EVs.

478 miles

Mercedes says the EQS will be a long-range EV.

While a range of 478 miles on one charge would theoretically top Tesla’s Long Range Plus Model S, it’s likely that an official EPA test of the EQS will bring that average down significantly, putting the two EV’s at a more equitable level.

Mercedes-Benz still hasn’t announced an official price for the EQS, but the EV will almost certainly gravitate to the luxury end of the spectrum. Early estimates put its price tag at more than $100,000.


The EQS will make its way to dealerships this fall, and it's the first vehicle in Mercedes' EQ lineup.

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