The 6 biggest changes on the Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 is bigger, more durable, and available later this year.

Better durability

Apple says a new screen geometry will make the watch more crack-resistant — the front crystal is a full 50 percent thicker than the Series 6. The watch also has an IP6X certification meaning it’s completely dust-tight and, like previous versions, swim-proof, so you can continue to field work emails while you’re in the pool.

Bigger = better

The Series 7 is also bigger than previous versions and will come in two different sizes: 41mm and 45mm. The bigger size means bigger buttons and better UX. Apple says the Series 7 will be able to fit 50 percent more text on the screen, saving you from all that scrolling when you’re reading emails or texts. Your eyes will thank you later.

There will also be a full keyboard with “QuickPath,” a feature that incorporates machine learning, allowing users to tap or slide the keyboard to form words and complete sentences. If that means it's easier to bang out quick messages on the go then it’s hard not to consider this an improvement.

No flat edges

While previous rumors had suggested that the Series 7 would boast flat edges closer to the design of newer iPhone models, the smartwatch actually retains a fairly rounded look while still improving on durability. Flat Watchers will flock to YouTube to espouse their conspiracies I’m sure.

New display

A new display makes the Series 7 a full 70 percent brighter indoors while the watch screen isn’t engaged. Apple says this should make it easier to read the display without actually having to wake your watch to full brightness. At the same time, the display is re-engineered to have smaller bezels and 20 percent more screen area compared to previous models.

Faster charging

While (disappointingly) the Series 7 won’t have a longer battery life, it is more efficient when it comes to charging. Apple says the Series 7 will be 33 percent faster at charging compared to the Series 6, thanks to a new architecture and fast-charger USB-C cable. This translates to a clip of 0 to 80 percent charge in 45 minutes. That’s about one average episode of Ted Lasso!

Colors and watch faces

The Series 7 will come in 5 new aluminum colors, including midnight, starlight, green, blue, and (Product)Red, all of which will augment new Series 7 exclusive watch faces that take advantage of extra screen area and animate when you raise your wrist.


Series 7 comes out this fall starting at...


That's the same debut price as the Series 6

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