Here's a first look at Husqvarna's sexy, new e-scooter concept

Husqvarna now has three EV concepts in the works.

Less than a month after introducing a new electric motorcycle concept, Husqvarna is back to take the wraps off the Vektorr, an upcoming e-scooter, which even in its concept stage looks...

🎥: Husqvarna's E-pilen motorcycle.

Pretty darn cool.

The Vektorr is a sleek, modern-looking electric scooter concept aimed at urban commuters, meaning it emphasizes utility over speed and range.

28 mph

Nearly 30 mph. Not bad!

59 miles

Estimated range will be just under 60 miles.

RideApart reports that the moped is being designed in tandem with Indian auto company Bajaj and will use the same chassis as the Bajaj Chetak scooter.

Since Vektorr is still just a concept, there aren’t a ton of details, which means no word on an estimated price or details on the scooter’s battery or charging capabilities, but setting all those important specs aside, this e-scooter is at least appealing to the eyes.

Oh, also there’s a standing e-scooter on the way with similar vibes.


The Vektorr, like the E-pilen motorcycle, won't be available until next year.

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