Flying motorcycles might just be a real thing after all

Jetpack Aviation crushed a preliminary test for its two-person hovercraft called, the Speeder.

Jetpack Aviation

Personal hovercraft might be a staple of sci-fi, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always fall firmly within the realm of fiction, or at least not if this flying motorcycle prototype has anything to say about it...

In this video demonstration first reported by New Atlas, hovercraft and jetpack pioneers, Jetpack Aviation, show off a flight test for its latest two-person VTOL called the Speeder. The results look pretty promising.

The Speeder test is exciting for a couple of reasons outside of the sheer novelty of watching a “flying motorcycle” do its thing. For instance, Jetpack Aviation was required to develop whole new control software capable of automatically stabilizing the craft, allowing for easier and more stable flying.

According to New Atlas, who spoke with Jetpack Aviation’s founder, David Mayman, the company had to “start from scratch” when designing flight control software, making its system vastly different from the kind used in its jetpacks.

The Speeder also uses what Jetpack Aviation calls “jetovators” that can quickly shift thrust where it’s needed and counterbalance the craft on a dime.

While it’s still very early stages for the Speeder, the company has already proven that the craft can take off, elevate, turn and maintain a hover using LiDAR, which is an important start for something being described as a “flying motorcycle.”

While it’s fun to envision a future in which we can all hop on our own flying motorcycles and soar above rush-hour traffic, it looks like one of the most immediate applications will (unsurprisingly) be military in nature. There’s a recreational version too, however, but it’s slightly cost-prohibitive.


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