This fat-tire electric scooter, bike hybrid is an all-terrain beast

Alpine Riding is packing a lot of power into this off-road electric bike hybrid.

If you’re more than just an urban commuter, it can be difficult to find an electric bike or scooter that suits all of your needs; going from pavements to power-riding on backroads is no easy task.

If mobility versatility is a problem of yours, Alpine Riding claims it has the solution.

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The A-Ride hits a lot of different levels. For one, it’s an electric scooter with bike vibes — while the frame is evocative of an e-bike, the A-Ride has no pedals to speak of. Instead, riders place their feet on two platforms and use a throttle to accelerate.

Alpine Riding

A-Ride also blurs boundaries when it comes to utility. Fat tires, a 1,000W motor, and enough juice to climb 30 percent graded inclines scream off-road scrambler.

On the other hand, the A-Ride also has multiple ride modes to make sure your ride stays compliant with speed limits, a less powerful 500W variant, and offers a full-on commuter safety package with headlights, brake lights, and fenders.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize.

50 miles

A-Ride's custom Panasonic battery delivers 50 miles of range.

Alpine Riding

A-ride comes in black...
And in white.

Spec wise, A-Ride also delivers a lot of perks. The fairly long-range battery can be charged up fully in five hours, and with 1,000W, it can propel the hybrid scooter / bike from 0 to 35 mph in seconds. That’s almost Apollo Ghost levels of acceleration.

All that power will come with a cost to match. While the 500W version of A-Ride will come with a $5,475 price tag, the 1,000W variant will run for $5,775.

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