An e-motorcycle with a huge, built-in hole could be the fastest ever

White Motorcycle Concepts says it's poised to break the electric motorcycle land speed record with a new, strange-looking, prototype.

There may soon be a new record-holder in the world of extremely fast electric motorcycles.

According to White Motorcycle Concepts, this bizarre looking electric motorcycle — a rocket-like two-wheeler with a giant hole running through the middle of its body — is the most aerodynamic ever made, and as a result, potentially the fastest.

Makers of the the motorcycle, which is dubbed the WMC250EV, claim its unique “V-Air” system drastically reduces drag on the bike by forcing air through the middle instead of around the sides — an engineering feat that apparently also makes it, “the most aerodynamic motorcycle in the world.”


White Motorcycle Concepts says the bike's unique design reduces drag by 70 percent.

256 mph

The current speed record for an electric bike set by Voxan Wattman and rider Max Biaggi.


There are other novel bits of technology helping the bike achieve its speed and drag coefficient goals in addition to the V-Air design, including a chain-powered drive system that incorporates both the front and rear wheels of the bike — an atypical system among motorcycles which are traditionally rear-wheel drive.

Eventually, White Motorcycle Concepts hopes to incorporate those technologies in other commercial bikes, but for right now, breaking the blistering electric motorcycle speed record is the main objective.

White Motorcycle Concepts will begin testing the bike later this year with the goal of actually attempting a world record speed run in 2022.


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