This RGB standing desk upgrades your battlestation and your posture

Cooler Master's GD160 ARGB height-adjustable desk has smart light strips at the front and back so you can color-coordinate your gaming gear.

All RGB everything

It’s truly not enough to have all your peripherals equipped with RGB lighting. A real gamer would have their computer case, display, and even their desk pumping out some obnoxious light show mid-game.

Cooler Master

That’s where Cooler Master comes in with its GD160 ARGB standing desk that has ARGB light strips on the front and the back.

Cooler Master

The smart ARGB lighting strips can mirror the colors on your display for more in-game immersion, or you can fully personalize the colors with Cooler Master’s MasterPlus+ software that syncs your Cooler Master products for a real light show.

Cooler Master

Onto the actual desk...

You can control the height with a digital controller on the side of the desk, which also has a built-in USB-A charger. The controller also lets you toggle through seven lighting presets.

Cooler Master

Safety features

Cooler Master added a few safety features into the GD160 ARGB, like a failsafe that locks the desk at its height, for when you accidentally unplug the desk or go through a blackout.

The standing desk also has an anti-collision feature that prevents the table from slamming into anything for those who keep their computer cases below the desk. Before it gets close to hitting anything, the desk automatically stops moving downwards and shifts up to avoid any collisions.

There are a few extra touches, like a cable management tray in the back that you can run your cables and adapters through to keep your desk space tidy.

Cooler Master finished the GD160 ARGB in aluminum with an anti-scratch tabletop and included a 900 x 300 millimeter water-repellent mousepad.

Cooler Master


If you’re set on having this be the next upgrade for your battlestation, you’re going to have to pay for it.

If you’re not looking to pay that much, Cooler Master dropped two other standing desks; the GD120 ARGB is essentially a 120-centimeter long version of the GD160 ARGB that goes for $370, and the GD160 is the same desk without any of the lighting strips that retails for $349.

Cooler Master

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