Canoo's curvy electric van explained in 5 key specs

Glassy, curvaceous design isn’t the only thing that separates Canoo's 'Lifestyle Vehicle' from the rest of the EV pack.

There are a lot of EVs hitting the market next year, but none quite like Canoo’s curvy glass van, the Lifestyle Vehicle, which is generating hype with its unique design, four tiered variants, and the use of Canoo’s own proprietary skateboard platform — the same one it will use to develop a delivery vehicle and a truck.

Here’s Canoo’s hype explained in five key stats...

188 FT³

That's how much cabin room Canoo's EV has.

Canoo’s electric van is roomy, to say the least. A base version will seat up to five while a premium variant of the Lifestyle Vehicle comes with lounge-like seats that can accommodate up to seven people. Ambient lighting and a panoramic glass roof will give the premium variant a nice dose of aesthetic luxury too.

28 mins

That's all the time it takes to get the Lifestyle Vehicle almost fully charged.

It’ll take just shy of a half-hour to charge the base version of Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle to 80 percent, which is not bad considering its more than serviceable 250-mile range.

350 HP

Canoo says its Lifestyle Van can produce up to 350 horses.

For what’s ostensibly an electric van, the Lifestyle Vehicle has quite a bit of power. To put it in perspective, 2020’s top-selling van, the Kia Sedona, clocks in at 290 horsepower, giving Canoo’s otherwise round EV a bit of an edge.


Competitive pricing for a fledgling brand.

If you can forgo the bells and whistles, Canoo’s curvy EV will be fairly competitively priced, starting at $34,750. For reference, a 2021 Tesla Model 3 will run you just shy of $40,000.

2K lbs

This ain't your mom's minivan.

An adventure version of Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle will have a few rugged (and exclusive) perks, such as a roof rack, a hitch with a 2,000 lbs tow capacity. An exclusive dark green color will let everyone know you’re ready for all the outdoors has to offer.

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