Canoo's curvy electric pickup is the anti-Cybertruck

It's a snail; it's a pebble; it's definitely not a Tesla.

Electric vehicle startup Canoo is here to tell you that it’s not all about hard angles when it comes to electric pickup design. Images leaked on Reddit this week gave way to the startup unveiling a curvy pickup that looks, at least design-wise, like a rebuttal to the hyper-angular appearance of high-power EVs like Tesla’s Cybertruck.

This thing is seriously smooth.

After the Reddit leak, Canoo confirmed to Reuters that its so-far unnamed pickup truck does actually exist and will indeed be available for pre-order starting this year. It also released a video showing the first non-rendered previews and some design details.


Outside of its obvious insistence on having soft angles, Canoo’s pickup showcases some other pretty pointed design elements, including plenty of configurations for storage and even a roof rack and a shell for the more intrepid outdoorsy motorists among us.

Work surfaces in the front and side of the car extend out for extra utility, and the bed of the truck can be both reconfigured and extended by a few feet if needed.

There are also several 120V outlets and USB ports.

200 miles

Canoo says the pickup truck will have at least 200 miles of range, though that could increase by launch.


Canoo, which has also leaned heavily into autonomous vehicles, will be using the same platform for its pickup that it plans to use for the other EVs in its future lineup, which should make it comparable spec-wise to its previous offerings.

According to Canoo, the full specs will be released when the pickup is closer to production, so until then we’ll have to use our imagination on pretty important factors like price and whether it will have any self-driving capabilities.

Canoo’s pickup might still being relatively conceptual, but there’s a lot here to be excited about here, especially if you’re into modularity. It’s too early to say, but if you’re looking for a visual antidote to Tesla’s Cybertruck this might just be the vehicle you’ve been waiting for.

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