Cake's solar-charging e-motorcycle can quietly stalk poachers

No combustion engine means more stealth when trying to take unsuspecting poachers by surprise.

The Kalk AP anti-poaching electric motorcycle from Cake.

There are variants of electric bikes and motorcycles for just about every use case nowadays, but something about Cake's stealthy new anti-poaching e-motorcycle really captures the imagination.

📷: The Grunt e-motorcycle from Volcon.

The Kalk AP from Cake.
The Kalk AP from Cake.

The Cake Kalk AP (anti-poaching) is based on the existing Kalk platform and is the centerpiece of the company's initiative to help apprehend poachers of endangered animals in Southern Africa.

According to Cake, there are a few things that give the Kalk AP motorcycle an advantage over traditional gas-based counterparts, including its ability to move quietly and avoid alerting poachers.


"Using motorbikes is an essential part of anti-poaching in Africa. Today these bikes run on inaccessible gasoline and their noise warns poachers miles away... By utilizing Cake's electric off-road motorcycles, the goal is to increase efficiency in catching poachers by quietly sneaking upon them."


The bike is also (thanks to a collaboration with Goal Zero) compatible with a solar charging kit that will help utilize extreme conditions at Kruger National Park in South Africa, where the bikes will be used.

Cake claims the bike's solar getup will allow Kalk to, "operate in the African bush independent from the electric power grid," though they'll still be able to charge by traditional means if available... or necessary.

3 hrs

Cake says the motorbike can go from 0-100 percent in three hours on a plug-in charge.


56 mph

Cakes says the motorcycle tops out at about 56 mph.



- Weight: 176 lbs

- Run-time: About 3 hours

- Drivetrain: Direct drive/chain

- Motor: Electric interior magnet motor

- Battery: 51.8 V

While the motorcycles are being designed for the Southern African Wildlife College, which trains future game rangers, Cake is also making Kalk commercially available.

As part of a special promotion, people can buy a bike for a discounted rate of $25,000 (normally $32,000) and have one bike donated to the college along with a solar charging station. All profits will be donated back to the South African Wildlife College.

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