Block party

This magic Lego app helps make sense of your chaotic pile of blocks

Brickit is a free app that suggests new models to construct from existing Lego collections.

Lars Klint

Are you someone with piles of Lego blocks looking for free ideas of what to make with them? Brickit is an iOS app that scans your miscellaneous bricks and generates new model ideas from what you’ve got.

Lars Klint

In order to have a successful scan, you’ll have to spread your Lego pieces out so the app can see them all. For those with thousands of random Lego bits, this might be a challenge so make sure you have a lot of wide-open floor space. And maybe do it on a bedsheet.

Lars Klint

Brickit is still in its early stages, so it’s not perfect yet. But nonetheless, it’s still a great way to get more use out of your Lego than you likely are now.

Jacob Woolcock

At the very least, Brickit is great for making sense of whatever assemblage of Lego pieces you have — letting you taking stock of what you could build might be as fun as actually building things.

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