Boston Dynamics' humanoid bots just won't stop creeping us out

The robotics company's most recent video is the latest in a long stream of horrifying robot apocalypse fare.

Robots: love em' or hate em', they're definitely going to destroy humankind, or at least that's how it always plays out in the movies. Coincidentally, that's also how it feels every single time Boston Dynamics releases a new video of its disconcertingly lifelike bots performing disconcertingly human-like tasks.

A scene from "The Terminator" in 1984.

See: this completely not creepy dance stunt.

This choreographed number is only the latest horror that Boston Dynamic has inflicted on us. Lest we not forget this terrifying feat of agility from a robot called "Atlas" which will definitely, totally never turn on its human creators.

Not even Skynet let its robots do parkour.

Maybe you're one of the 11 people who thinks there's nothing at all off-putting about a humanoid robot that can do backflips and scale walls.

In that case we raise you a bot called Handle, which stands 6.5 feet tall and travels at 9 MPH. This crane-like robot is designed for handling packages in a warehouse using its neck and arms. Oh, it can also jump 4 feet in the air.

Boston Dynamics doesn't have to go big to get scary. however. Take, for instance, Spot, a four-legged doglike robot that, in addition to looking exactly like the murderous robotic beast from Black Mirror can, um, open doors...

From "Black Mirror" in an episode titled "Metalhead."

The resemblance...

Why not add a strange claw-like "head" to this little fella for good measure.

In all seriousness, there's nothing inherently harmful about these bots. For what it's worth, Boston Dynamics has taken a stance against equipping them with a weapon or anything that could harm or endanger human life, though with applications in law enforcement, it's hard to know where that stance begins and ends.

For now, I guess we just try to enjoy the show.

For however long it lasts...

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