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Apple's still-excellent Intel MacBook Air is $300 off right now

It has an Intel processor instead of Apple's new M1 chip, but the lightweight laptop is still worth a look for the budget-conscious.

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Apple released its final Intel-powered MacBook Air in 2020 only months before the M1 version. Besides the new processor, which is kind of a game changer, both share nearly identical specs. The M1 MacBook Air inherited its predecessors' improved features like the Magic Keyboard and Bluetooth 5.0.

On the outside, the two computers are identical, sharing the same tapered lightweight body that weighs under 3 pounds.

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Of course, the M1 processor introduced breathtaking improvements in performance and battery life. It's not just the most powerful MacBook Air to date, it's one of the most powerful laptops of any kind.

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But if you don't need the M1 MacBook Air's spectacular performance, battery life, and fanless design, today's Good Finds, is a pretty kickass deal. For the same $999 price as the base M1 MacBook Air, you can get an Intel MacBook Air with 512GB of storage instead of 256GB.

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The M1 MacBook Air is superior in every way. But the Intel-powered MacBook Air remains attractive for those who want to stick with Intel for the time being or just want the extra storage at a discount.


The 512GB Intel-powered MacBook Air is available from B&H Photo in Gold and Silver.

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