AMD thinks the Ryzen 6000 is more than enough to trounce Intel

New benchmarks from AMD suggest its new Ryzen 6000 mobile processor could offer big performance boosts on thin and light laptops

AMD’s main goal with Ryzen 6000 mobile processors is to offer the gaming laptop performance the company is known for on even thinner, lighter, and quieter laptops.


High-level changes in the Ryzen 6000:

• New 6nm process

• “Zen 3+” cores optimized for power efficiency

• New learning model for improved power management over time



More CPU performance per watt on AMD Ryzen 9



AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS vs. Intel Core i9-12900HK.



Better 3D Rendering performance on AMD Ryzen 7


photoman/E+/Getty Images
Intel Core i7-1185G7 (28W) vs. Ryzen 7 5800U (15W) vs. Ryzen 7 6800U (15W)AMD

For games, the addition of AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture to the chips’ integrated graphics means fairly dramatic improvements in performance from demanding games on ultrathin hardware.

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That means:

• 2x better graphic performance than the Ryzen 5000 series

• Hrdware ray tracing built-in

• 50 percent larger GPU compute engine


“With new Radeon 600M integrated graphics, you can play pretty much every game out there in full HD 1080p.”


Tom Narwid/Moment/Getty Images

73 FPS

'Back 4 Blood' performance on a Ryzen 7 6800U with Radeon 680M

Turtle Rock Studios

Intel Core i7-1165G7 vs. Ryzen 7 6800U


AMD’s new Ryzen 6000 series chips are shipping on laptops starting this month. Including laptops from Razer and Lenovo.

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