Acer's latest Predator PC is an absolute gaming beast

Acer's Predator Orion 7000 launches next year with specs that should keep it relevant for many years down the road. And Acer has a few more gaming-focused products as well.

Acer gaming PC with RTX 3080 and Intel 12th gen

Next@Acer 2021 event

At recent event, Acer took the wraps off several new gadgets, including eco-friendly products like the Aspire Vero and creator-focused laptops with stereoscopic 3D, but arguably none of those additions were as exciting as a new line of gaming hardware centered around its new gaming PC, the Acer Predator Orion 7000.


Next-gen hardware

Future-proofing your PC is easier said than done. With each new game demanding more resources than the last, your CPU and GPU may start to show their age within a year or two if you go with budget or mid-tier options. That’s not the case with the Acer Predator Orion 7000, however, which spares no expense.


Q2 2022

When the Predator Orion 7000 will launch in the states.


While different configurations will be announced closer to launch, Acer said the new tower PC will have an Intel 12th-gen processor onboard, making it one of the first computers to feature Intel’s next series of CPUs. As powerful as a CPU may be, rest assured, the GPU is no slouch.


RTX on

Users will have the choice between a GeForce RTX 3080 or a 3090, both of which are incredibly powerful and nearly impossible to find at a reasonable price. If GPU shortages continue into next year, this PC could be a surefire way to nab a coveted RTX 30-series GPU. With ray tracing and DLSS, you’ll be able to experience any AAA game at the best possible quality.

Too cool

Cooling is a big issue with PCs, especially when loaded with demanding hardware, so Acer put two 140mm Predator FrostBlade 2.0 fans in the front and another 120mm fan in the back. The fan speed and RGB lighting can be controlled via the PredtorSense software. More importantly, keeping the next-gen CPU cooled is an AIO liquid cooler.

Other specs:

  • RAM: Up to 64GB
  • Storage: Up to 2 M.2 NVMe SSDs(1TB each) and 2 HDDs(3TB each)
  • PCIe Gen 5
  • Intel Killer Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Tempered glass panels
  • Built-in speakers


The RRP of the Predator Orion 7000 (~$2,544).


More gaming products

With the Predator Orion 7000 launching in Europe in the first quarter of next year at the earliest, Acer has something else for gamers this year. The previously-announced Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop with an RTX GPU launched this month. What’s new, however, are the Predator GD711 Projector and the Predator Gaming Desk, which will both be available in Europe in December.


Big-screen gaming

The €1,499 (~$1,734) 4K-capable GD711 LED projector can output as many as 120 or 240 frames per second at 1080p on console and PC, respectively. Acer recommends a screen size of 100 inches from 2.7 meters, or 8.8 feet. The projector has built-in speakers, two HDMI 2.0 ports, and its own app store. A lamp-based 4K version will be available in Europe in January for €1,399 (~$1,618).


Gaming in comfort

If Ikea and Asus ROG can have a gaming desk, so can Acer. The €229 ($264) Predator Gaming Desk is 55 inches wide and comes in two materials. The carbon fiber model is sleek and easy to wipe down, while the other version is covered in a large Predator mouse pad. The desk has various built-in storage options, such as a cup holder, headphone hook, a storage rack for peripherals, and a basket underneath to tuck cables away in.


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