This homemade Tesla Cyberquad does 102 mph

Tesla may be pretty far from releasing the Cyberquad to the world, but that hasn't stopped this YouTuber from taking matters into his own hands.

Quasi Cyberquad

Tesla's mysterious "Cyberquad," a high-powered quad teased during the company's Cybertruck unveiling, may be a long ways from becoming a reality, but YouTuber Rich Rebuilds has taken matters into his own hands.

In a recently released video, Rich Benoit, mastermind behind the popular YouTube channel, showed off how he spent the better part of this year making his own ridiculously powerful Cyberquad essentially from scratch.

To build the ATV, Benoit used the chassis of a Yamaha Raptor 700 purchased on Facebook Marketplace and the drivetrain and other electric bits from crashed Zero motorcycles.

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In all, it took Benoit half of a year and about $10,000 to build his Cyberquad.

The results are a vehicle that's not only close in size and shape to Tesla's Cyberquad, but one with enough torque to literally haul a Humvee.


At its absolute limit, Benoit's Cyberquad also reaches a breakneck pace of 102.5 miles per hour. We can't be certain since the actual Cyberquad doesn't exist yet, but that's probably a little faster than whatever Tesla releases (if it ever does).


As Benoit clearly states in the video, he could have constructed an even faster version, though it's likely not worth risking life and limb for a YouTube stunt since ATVs are notoriously unstable.

If Benoit's monster ATV entices you, however, we have bad news. According to an interview with Roadshow, Benoit said the vehicle will decidedly not be for sale at his independent Tesla shop, Rich's Electrified Garage.

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Visit Benoit's channel, Rich Rebuilds, where he tests and reconstructs all sorts of vehicles, including lots made by Tesla.

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