9 things Apple didn’t mention at its “Peek Performance” event

There’s more to know about the company's new 2022 iPhone SE, Mac Studio, Studio Display, and iPad Air 5.


Apple leveraged its custom silicon advantage for the introduction of the Mac Studio, new 2022 iPhone SE, and iPad Air 5.

But not everything made the cut for the company's presentation, so here’s what the company didn’t mention about its new (and old) products yesterday.



The refresh rate of the Studio Display.


Apple put a 120Hz LTPO display in the iPhone 13 Pro, but the new Studio Display hasn’t received the same treatment.

The Studio Display is stuck with a lower 60Hz refresh. Not terrible by any means, especially on a larger 27-inch display, but notable because Apple’s charging $1,599.


Pick carefully, that stand is permanently attached

The Studio Display comes with three possible stand types (technically one is a VESA mount) but they’re not interchangeable — they’re built-in.


Apple was heavily criticized for the Pro Display XDR’s $999 stand because it wasn’t included with the cost of the display itself.

That’s been corrected with the Studio Display (the stand is bundled), just not for anyone who might need to change up their display configuration later.



The cost of Apple's Thunderbolt 4 cable.


The Mac Studio or a MacBook Pro can connect to the Studio Display with a single Thunderbolt 4 cable for data transfers and power, but it ain't cheap.

Apple’s $159 3-meter cable might be a better deal, but only because of the sheer lack of competition.

The iPad Air 5 can use the Studio Display

Apple’s new iPad Air 5 comes with an M1 chip and a USB C 3.1 Gen 2 tech fast enough to use the Studio Display at native 5K resolution.


As 9to5Mac notes, the Studio Display also support iPads with slower USB-C connectors like the original iPad Pro, but they’ll be reduced to USB 2.0 connections.


Mac-only features

Additionally, the Studio Display’s webcam and mics only work with a Mac.

No mmWave 5G on 2022 iPhone SE

There’s no mmWave support, the fastest version of 5G connectivity currently available. Given the battery-hungry nature of mmWave and just how hit or miss it can be, that might be for the best.


The Mac Pro received a quiet GPU update

AMD and Apple are now offering the AMD Radeon Pro W6600X GPU on the two-year-old Mac Pro. It’s currently a $300 upgrade — at least until Apple announces a Mac Pro with its own custom silicon.


Universal Control, improved Face ID, and new emoji are coming... sometime next week

Apple is releasing iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, and macOS 12.3 with the launch of the 2022 iPhone SE, iPad Air 5, and Mac Studio based on several press releases. It just won’t say exactly when.


“Magic Movie” scans media or an album you select and intelligently creates a fully edited video in 20 different styles.

“Storyboards” are templates for common video types — like product reviews — that guide you through making a video. Both features hit in April.


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