Five stats that explain why Ford's electric F-150 is a really big deal

Ford's Lightning truck is more than just another high-powered EV.

Ford’s newly unveiled all-electric F-150 isn’t the first electric truck, it’s not even the most feature-rich, but it's got something that no other big, honkin’, next-gen battery-powered pickup has...

It’s a Ford.

As we highlighted in our initial coverage of the Lightning, the F-150 is America’s favorite truck, so just by virtue of both brand and model recognition, this thing is a big deal — I mean, for context, President Joe Biden drove one the day before its launch and loved it.


But it’s not all just name recognition. The Lightning also has some pretty alluring specs to back it up.

Here’s the Lightning’s appeal in 5 key stats...


The Lightning will debut at a relatively accessible price point.

The Lightning’s reliance on electricity instead of gas may be the reason why the truck is making a splash, but the price is arguably just as important.

Ford says the Lightning will start at about $40,000, making it among the most affordable high-powered EVs out there and perfectly positioned to compete with Tesla’s unreleased Cybertruck which is slated to start at around the same price point.


3 days

Ford's next gen F-150 can power a house for about three days.

The Lightning’s battery is good for more than just fueling your trips to the lumber yard, or whatever it is people do with a pickup. Ford says its formidable battery pack can also reverse charge stuff — big stuff — like, um, an entire house for example. For three days! Maybe longer if you can postpone Laser Light Show Club.


From 0-60 mph in less than five seconds.

With great power comes... great acceleration. With 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque the electric F-150 can go from 0-60 mph in about 4.5 seconds depending on how much it’s carrying.

All that power and size does come at a cost, however. The longest range version of the truck will max out at 300 miles-per-charge, while the standard version will get about 230 miles.

563 hp

A whole lotta' horses.

This thing really has some juice, which makes the Lightning notable among current-gen EVs, and also critical for actually making the truck marketable to folks that would be interested in buying an F-150 in the first place.

10,000 lbs

A maxed out version of the Lightning can haul a lot of bird seed. Or a boat. Whichever is more your speed.

Speaking of Ford F-150-ness, the Lightning is also capable of hauling up to 10,000 lbs, though you’ll have to shell out for a mid- to high-spec model to make that happen. The standard variety can handle a paltry 2,000 lbs in comparison. Barely enough to tow your beloved Pacific Walrus!

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