This is what happens when fashion and surrealist 3D art collide

A Madrid-based designer is giving Lil Miquela a run for her money.

Digital eye-candy

Rujona Cantoni is a digital creator and designer based in Madrid whose 3D creations blur the line between fashion, art, and most of the time, reality itself.

Cantoni uses 3D renderings to augment fashion and photography, giving it a surrealist touch.

The designer has brought her surrealist art to the world of fashion by transforming looks from several iconic brands like Versace, Chanel, and Gucci.

Form meets function

Cantoni says her use of 3D design in fashion and art direction serves an important purpose in addition to being visually striking.

“I am very interested and attracted to the world of 3D art. It has also already happened in the past that I approached photography and graphics, both out of necessity and for fun.”

Rujana Cantoni, speaking to It's Nice That

Cantoni's art evokes digital avatars like Lil Miquela, a CGI influener created by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou who promotes fashion brands, products, and artists.

Unlike Lil Miquela, Cantoni's creations have a noticeably surrealist flair.

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You can Visit Cantoni's website or check out her Instagram @rujanacantoni.

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