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This '80s-style North Face Denali Fleece is 50% off right now

'Miami Vice' meets Aspen.

The North Face's Denali fleece has been around since 1988, evolving from a climber favorite into a streetwear staple.

The North Face

The iconic fleece hasn't always been on sale during its 32-year lifespan. In recent years, it's given way to the updated Denali 2. 2019 saw the return of the OG, including a meticulous recreation of the 1995 version.

Right now, you can get the baseline, non-'95 Denali for $89.50, which works out to half off its original $179 price. This is a great deal for any Denali fleece, let alone one with this rich of colors.

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The North Face

The combination of neon pink and blue instantly brings to mind Miami Vice, which has inspired fire jersey after jersey for the Miami Heat. Another way to look at it is a fit costume for an '80s ski villain, a look I'm personally going for often.

The midweight fleece is great as an outer layer when it's only marginally cold and as a mid layer when the temperature begins to plummet. Should you find yourself sweating, zippers at the pits provide increased ventilation.

The North Face

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