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These super comfy 3D-printed Adidas running shoes are 40% off right now

Futuristic, comfy, and heavily discounted? Say no more.

While the Adidas 2K shoe lineup is fantastic on its own, this 3D printed model takes things to an entirely new level of awesome.


The star of the show is obviously these digitally crafted 3D-printed midsoles. They look weird but they’re super comfy.


Made for running

Adidas used oxygen, light, and a weird liquid rubber resin to create these unique midsoles. Nike zoom technology has nothing on these. At least, nothing that looks so distinct.


The rest of the shoe is pretty solid, too. They’re lightweight and breathable while still rocking a ‘heel cage’ for added durability.



These Adidas ZX 2K 4D shoes are $40 off, plus you can use promo code “EXTRA25” for an additional 25% off, bringing the total price down by 40%.

$120 at Adidas (Reg. $200)

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