The most outrageous Yeezy prototypes

These samples and prototypes are far out even by Yeezy standards.

Yeezy prototypes

Derrick Rose collab

These sneakers — if you want to call them that — are a collaboration with NBA star Derrick Rose, who is part of the Adidas family of athletes. Are they aliens? Are they worms? It's hard to say, but if you've ever eaten tripe there's more than a passing resemblance...


Here's Derek Rose's partner, Alaina, wearing an oversized pair, hence the resemblance to Smurf shoes.

Mystery boot

This confounding silhouette was teased on Kanye's Twitter and still doesn't have an official name. It's the size of a ski-boot and as noted by Input senior editor, Edgar Alvarez, looks like the choice footwear of beloved Star Wars character, Chewbacca. Who wore it better?

YZY BSKTBL Prototype

These sneakers might not be the strangest on the list, but they offer a pretty interesting glimpse at what the BSKTBL sneakers could have been. The picture here is apparently a prototype from 2017 and as you can see, it features several different materials. Ultimately, the sneakers took a less risky, and more supportive direction...

Adidas Yeezy 451

When Yeezy's are involved, sometimes it's best to describe the shoes not in terms of actual design, (shape, size, color, etc...) but of what they remind you of. In the case of these Adidas Yeezy 451's, the first thing that comes to mind are pork buns. The second thing that comes to mind is definitively less appealing...

Here's a bonus alternative Yeezy 451 sample


Sneakers that look like someone's grandmother might've knit them probably aren't the first thing on most brands' list of marketable attributes, but this isn't just any brand. These banana-like Turrelliens tweeted by Kanye West last month are just one of many head-turning prototypes and even if they never get released, they've at least given us some momentary pleasure...

Yeezy Foam Runner (Brown)

These foam runners come in a very conspicuous shade of brown. We're not going to tell you what this shade reminds us of, but let's just say it could make treading on New York City sidewalks even more perilous. But to each their own.

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