Don't choose between style and practicality with this women's winter gear

Stay warm and look cool.

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Being a woman means a lifetime of picking between practicality and style. But in 2020, we want it all.

A good winter jacket should keep you warm without making you look like a marshmallow, and you should be able to wear your winter boots all day, not just to commute.

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We’ve gathered everything you might need this winter, from products you can use to prolong your summer wardrobe and shoes to eco-friendly puffer jackets.

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Uniqlo Heattech

This Uniqlo Heattech top is the number one item to have once cold weather hits. Layering this fleece-lined shirt underneath your outfits extends the life of thinner summer tops and keeps you warm. Shop here.


Not only is North Face's Eco Nuptse Jacket guaranteed to keep you warm, but it’s made out of 100 percent recycled fabrics and insulation. Plus, the eco-conscious puffer comes in a bunch of shades that are neutral, but not boring. Cop here.

North Face

Carhartt Mittens

These low-cost Carhartt mittens provide high tech heat — they’ve got reviews confirming their warmth in under 40-degree weather. Sherpa lining and brown tones keep them in check with current trends. Buy here.


Madhappy’s signature knitted beanie makes bad hair days look cute and comes in an array of colors. The hat’s thick material also makes sure you stay protected from that brutal winter wind. Shop online.


If you’re set on wearing your sneakers this winter, upgrade them to a winter-ready style by getting these genuine shearling insoles. Surprisingly inexpensive, these babies are a game-changer. Buy on Amazon.

Aritzia's Super Puff provides the ultimate protection against the elements. Available in cropped, mid, and long lengths, as well as every color imaginable, this down-filled jacket is a winter streetwear staple. Cop here.


Sorel Boots

Finally, winter boots that don’t require sacrificing style. This waterproof pair by Sorel has a fleece lining and a sole that actually provides traction. Buy online.


With this bucket hat, Carhartt perfectly combines practicality and style. Matching perfectly with any outfit (especially a fleece one), this hat will get you tons of compliments. Shop here.


Block out the cold by copping these styles before they sell out. Stay cozy!


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