The best face masks you can get on Etsy right now

Weed it down from more than 750,000 search results.

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By now, you should be well aware of the CDC's recommendation for wearing masks in public because of COVID-19. More importantly, you should be taking it to heart — which has become quite easy with the quick emergence of a massive new market.

NalaCraft on Etsy

Not only has the fashion world stepped up, but so have a swarm of Etsy sellers. Right now, you'll find more than 750,000 search results for "face masks" on the platform. To save you from the overwhelming amount of options, we've plucked out 10 of the best we've seen.


If a pattern has been made, you'll probably find it on an Etsy mask now. Most make painfully clear that they're made by amateurs, but this arch motif is well done and super cheap.

$8.49 from BrodieAndBear

For something more lively, this assortment of Marimekko flowers usually seen on home goods are gorgeous.

$18 from PantsAndPillows

While most of what you'll find on Etsy are made of cotton, these also use hemp and jersey knit for a great texture. They also feature elastic bands that go around your head instead of your ears for better comfort.

$14.99 from TheHempCoop

This unbleached cotton mask has a similar look, but you can make it your own with custom embroidery of up to 10 characters.

$22.50 from SunnuBunnu

For the Star Wars nerds out there, among which I count myself, here's Baby Yoda with a message for social distancing. Next to him is an exhale valve and PM2.5 active carbon filter.

$23.99 from EnlightCreation

Don't ask me why, but this random impala graphic is so funny to me. Wear it out and make up your own answers when someone inevitably asks why you chose it, of all things.

$19.95 from GiftIdeasHere

Tie-dye is still super hot, so why not throw it on your face? It may be the closest you come to living carefree this summer.

$15.99 from NalaCraft

Another great splash of color comes from this tasteful rainbow pattern that's more prep than psychedelic. Hand a few out to friends to share the aesthetic.

Five for $74.95 from AuntFannyPads

A bandanna is a solid substitute if you don't have a mask, and the standard paisley print is worth carrying over from the DIY solution.

$13.99 from Danaaand

Finally, we have one of the more topical creations on Etsy. Wear it to a protest or just on your errands to show your support for BLM.

$10 from TieWithaBowww

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