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One of Nike's comfiest running shoes are 44% off right now

Style, comfort, and they're designed to help reduce running injuries.

Nike Flyknit shoes

We really like Nike's improved and more durable design on the Flyknit. The shoes are stronger, while still lightweight, breathable, and flexible.


All that extra foam on the bottom ensures a secure and cushioned feel. And the durability could even reduce injury.

The widened design should help while you run, too. Making the Flyknit's flexible for a fast start and soft as a cushion when your foot lands.


Sadly, only the black & white model is priced super low.

But they still look fire!


Just look at those soles!

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit comes in several colors, but black is 44% off.

Buy a pair at Nike for - $88 (reg. $160)

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