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One of Adidas' most iconic lifestyle shoes are 40% off right now

Get these stylish, lightweight shoes and explore some urban terrain.

Adidas NMD shoes

Yeah, we're talking about the Adidas NMD R1's with those chunky yet amazingly comfy midsoles.

Give these a try

If you love Adidas shoes, especially Boosts, we highly recommend giving the NMD's a try.


This black colorway is available at 40 percent off, too, if you prefer.


The NMD R1 shoes have Adidas' signature style, neat midsole plugs, and they fit a little snugger than other Boosts.

Adidas calls these "city shoes" but we think they're great for any occasion. Just look at those grippy soles.


Get Yours!

For a limited time, Adidas is offering the NMD R1's in a few colors at 40% off.

That's just $84 (reg. $140)

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