Here are the Nike Dunk sneakers dropping in 2022

From the iconic basketball shoe to the SB Dunk Low, Mid, and High skate sneakers, there’s no shortage of the chunky silhouette next year.

Men's Nike 6.0 High Tops Dunk sneakers worn with bright blue jeans
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As everyone sets their sights on a new year, there are a few Nike Dunk sneakers in particular that are pretty eye-catching — though with recent COVID complications and supply chain mishaps, many await an official release date. Here are some of the Women’s Exclusives, retros, collabs, and general releases coming in 2022.

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Ladies first.

Nike has been stepping up its Women’s Exclusives, prepped on mostly pink and neutral color schemes. Women don’t have much equal footing when it comes to Dunks, but there are a few gems in the category.

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Nike Dunk Low WMNS

“Valentine’s Day” $120

Style Code: DQ9324-600

The only confirmed Dunk for 2022 will release February 14 in a hot, hot, hot pink display.


Nike Dunk Low WMNS

“Harvest Moon” $100

Style Code: DD1503-114

This low is a classic, earth-toned closet addition that is signature to 2021’s favorite neutral trend. The sneakers use a pale salmon shade for the base color, pairing with an off-white.


Nike Dunk High WMNS

“Pink Prime” $110

Style Code: DD1869-110

For a brighter iteration, “Pink Prime” boasts a bold fuschia for a main character vibe. Could be another February release?


Nike Dunk High Up/Rebel WMNS $120

Style Code: DH3718-105

The updated Dunk High, also available in gray, sits on a platform sole and features overlapping lateral Nike Swooshes.


Nike Dunk Low WMNS

“White Pearl” $100

Style Code: DD1503-110

On the quieter side, the white uppers are joined by a soft beige Swoosh and outsole. It’s also joined by a louder Green version.


Nike Dunk Low WMNS

“White/Archeo Pink” $100

Style Code: DD1503-111

“Archeo,” as in the prefix meaning “ancient,” describes the vintage-looking pink shade throughout the shoe.


The retros.

We all know Nike holds its Retros close to its heart and given the rising popularity of Dunks, we may see even more revamped colors in 2022.

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Nike Dunk Low Retro

“Argon” $110

Originally released in 2001 as part of the worldly famous Nike CO.JP series, the “Argon” is finally coming to the US in all its blue glory.


Nike Dunk High Retro

“Cargo Khaki” $110

Style Code: DD1399-107

Retros call for timeless color schemes, which is what this olive green had in mind. The design was first seen in 2017, now back for a new revival.


Nike Dunk Low Retro

“Marina Blue” $100

Style Code: DJ6188-400

Dip your toes into “Marina Blue.” If you couldn’t tell, this sneaker is an inverted version of “Argon,” incidentally dubbed “Un-Argon.”


The collabs.

From those that have been announced so far, the Swoosh is enlisting old and new friends for its Dunk collabs in 2022.

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Nike Dunk Low x League of Legends (LPL)

Style Code: DO2327-011

Glow-in-the-dark elements make this Dunk Low Pro League a reflective favorite.


Nike SB Dunk High x Supreme

“By Any Means” $150

Style Code: DN3741-002

In the first of three Supreme releases, the brand opts for a Black, White, and Varsity Red color palette. The pack is an ode to New York through and through.


Nike SB Dunk High x Supreme

“Navy/Red” $150

Style Code: DN3741-600

The second chooses a moodier scheme with the same conceptual branding and details on the heel and toe.


Nike SB Dunk High x Supreme

“Brazil” $150

Style Code: DN3741-700

Number three goes for a South American lemon and lime with a pop of red on the toe heart detail.


Nike Dunk Low x size? $120

Style Code: DO6712-200

size? brings a sky blue Swoosh to the earthy upper for a hit of contrast.


Nike SB Dunk Low x Polaroid

Style Code: DH7722-001

Planned for an April release, Polaroid’s SB is rainbow approved and ready for lights, camera, action.


Nike Dunk Low x UNION

“Light Blue” Style Code: DJ9649-400

“Midnight Navy” Style Code: DJ9649-401

Coming in two releases, the Union collab features light blue & lavender, and blue-green versions on the ripstop upper, both presented in a special flight-inspired box.


Nike SB Dunk High x Pass~Port “Workboot”

Style Code: DO6119-300

The Aussie brand infuses its own details like a gardener figure shoveling with a Nike Swoosh and stitching in the outsole to imitate dirt.

Just Fresh Kicks

Nike SB Dunk High x Oski

“Great White Shark”

Style Code: CI2692-100

A hard-to-miss shark patch is the main design element for the Swedish collab, mirroring the duo’s 2019 black version.

Just Fresh Kicks

The rest of the gang.

For the everyday wearer and collector alike, Dunks are a staple to the collection because of their accessibility and plethora of colors and co-signs. Nike is keeping the colors rolling with the rest of 2022’s releases.

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Nike Dunk Low PRM

“Cider” $110

Style Code: DH0601-001

A premium release that features a fall-inspired orange and brown color palette on its casual silhouette.


Nike Dunk Low

“Midas Gold” $100

Style Code: DD1391-701

As they say, anything Midas touched turned to Gold.


Nike Dunk Low

“Ice” $110

Style Code: DO2326-001

The icy grey Dunk Low takes two stitched sledders along for a ride, finished in metallic silver with hits of red, gray, and teal.


Nike Dunk High

“University Red” $110

Style Code: ‪DD1399-106

One of the most iconic sneaker colors adorns this Dunk High for a flex of classic University Red, which first released in 2020.


Nike Dunk High

“Toasty” $140

Style Code: DD3362-200

“Toasty” spread across various silhouettes this year, but the Dunk High features more quilted panels and a new marshmallow “Rattan” color.


Nike SB Dunk Low

“St. Patrick’s Day” $110

You might get lucky when this one releases in March.


Nike Dunk Low

“Year of the Tiger” $90

Style Code: DQ5351-001

Available for the kiddies in the family, Nike is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a bold, striped model.


Nike Dunk Low

“Barber Shop” $110

Style Code: DH7614-001

Releasing in both dark and light versions, the “Barber Shop” honors the local heroes in every community.


Nike Dunk Low “Paisley” Pack

Blue Style Code: DH4401-101

Black Style Code (WMNS): DH4401-100

Also available in Brown and Green, Paisley is having its moment with Nike.


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