Where to buy the best ‘Squid Game’ tracksuit and Halloween costume

Whether you want to rep your favorite competitor or dress up as a menacing guard, we’ve got you covered with costumes $30 and under.

Netflix’s viral show Squid Game has taken over pretty much every social media platform, and even caused streaming surges in South Korea. The dystopian thriller series, which follows contestants participating in a deadly competition of children’s games in order to win a sizable cash prize, may be Netflix’s biggest show ever.


Squid Game’s growing popularity has made the show’s iconic tracksuits one of this year’s top Halloween costumes. While a second season of the series has yet to be announced, costume manufacturers on Amazon, Etsy, and fast fashion sites have already prepared their own versions of the outfits seen on the show.


In the show, contestants wear teal tracksuits with their personal identification numbers, while guards sport hooded red jumpsuits with black masks featuring different shapes.


Squid Game Contestant Costume, $30

You can choose to rep your favorite competitor with a tracksuit and Dalgona candy...

Squid Game Guard Costume, $30

Or opt for one of the worker’s red outfits.


Squid Game Guard Mask, $23

Don’t forget your face mask.

You can even dress up as the Front Man, who wears an angular face mask with a sleek coat and black leather gloves. You can buy a replica of his mask here for $20 and DIY the rest.


Sadly, one of Squid Game’s most notable characters — the robot schoolgirl who controls the first episode’s “Red Light, Green Light” challenge — doesn’t have a costume available online, but you can replicate her look with a yellow tee, orange dress, and knee-high white socks. Don’t forget her pigtails and deadly stare.


Make sure to order your costume in advance — don’t let this be you this Halloween.


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