How to sell your old clothes, shoes, and other goods online

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Whether you’re trying to get rid of a few clothes or need to sell a beloved collectible for some cash, there’s a corner of the internet just for you. And no, you don’t have to meet up with Craigslist weirdos to sell your stuff — you can do it all online. Plus, there’s no time better than quarantine to clean out your closet or shoe collection.

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Sure, you can take things to your local consignment store, but chances are they won’t buy all your stuff and they’ll give you pennies for what they do. Reselling online is one of the fastest ways to sell while still getting the money your items are worth. And with the holidays coming up, there are more buyers on the market than ever.


For the sneakerhead

Flight Club is one of the most trusted places to sell your sneakers. Product often sells very quickly once you’ve put it up, and you can adjust your pricing online if you’re having trouble selling it at the set price. Unlike StockX, FC accepts lightly used shoes and has lower total fees.

Flight Club

For the IG model

Depop is great for getting listings up in under a minute. Trendy clothes do best here, as the app kind of has an influencer culture of its own. Depop takes one of the smallest commissions from your sale at 10 percent, and you get to name your own price on items.

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For the mom

In the nicest way possible, Poshmark is like Depop’s ugly cousin. It works in the same way — you upload a listing, name your price, and ship your items out. Poshmark, however, has an older demographic, so think about selling brands like J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, Gap, or Ann Taylor. The app takes a 20 percent fee.

For the hypebeast

Grailed is a site where you can sell your product in one of four markets, which are separated into high-end designers, streetwear and sneakers, classic menswear, or lower-end items. They accept a larger range than other streetwear resellers and have lower commission fees at just 9 percent.

Grailed is gas.@bennyblanco0319

For the bougie

Got a luxury item and want to sell it quick? The RealReal is your go-to. They’ve got the most viewers in terms of designer consignment, and if you’ve got enough items to sell, they’ll even come pick them up. Beware though — they take up to 50 percent commission.

For the traditionalists

The OG! Though it’s not as popular as it once was, eBay is still a great place to sell sneakers. It rivals other reselling sites with only a 10 percent commission fee, while most other sneaker resellers offer an 80/20 split.

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For the hoarder

Like The RealReal, ThredUp isn’t set up to let users do the selling themselves. Instead, the site will send you a plastic bag and prepaid shipping label to send your stuff back, so this is a better option if you’re just looking to get rid of some things for a smaller profit.


For the social media fiend

If you've got a decent following on Instagram, you can now make money off the app without tagging #ad. Its new shopping feature lets users purchase an item straight from a post, and you can use hashtags to increase your sales.

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For the giver

This reselling website is a great place for those looking to be less charitable than Goodwill but more charitable than selling their clothes for full profit. ReRuns’ process is pretty standard, except when it comes to their fees — they donate the entirety of their 20% seller’s fee to a charity of the seller’s choice.

For the tech-savvy

On Decluttr, you can sell your old phones, laptops, video game systems, and media like DVDs or CDs. It's more bang for your buck — the resale brand promises up to 33% more than you’d earn reselling your old gear back to your carrier.


With all the money you’ve made, you can buy a money gun and dance around in your cash. Or go the irresponsible route and buy more clothes. 👀

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