How to dress like Paris Hilton circa 2000s — because, that’s hot

We’ve gathered seven pieces all under $100, except for the tiny pet you choose to carry in your purse.

Paris Hilton arriving at The Teen Choice Awards 2003. (Photo by Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Image...
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Before there were Instagram influencers, Youtube vloggers, or Kim Kardashian, there was Paris Hilton. With her Juicy sweats, perfume launches, and tiny pets, she was — and is — the blueprint. As 2000’s fashion reemerges, there’s really only one expert to look to.

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Hilton’s style truly defined the decade. Whether you’re ready to exit quarantine in a chic sweatsuit or go all out with tinted aviators and low-rise jeans, the hotel heiress has a look for every occasion imaginable. As such, we’ve found seven pieces more suitable for non-heiress budgets, but equally iconic. That’s hot.

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Vintage Shield Sunglasses, $18

With their lavender tint and frameless style, these sunglasses could easily be spotted on The Simple Life. Pair with a velour sweatsuit to run errands or wear them with a dress over jeans for a red carpet look.

Urban Outfitters

Juicy Couture Velour Flare Pants, $89

At the height of Paris’ fame, her tracksuit collection was unrivaled. Channel her luxurious yet leisurely look in these Juicy Couture velour sweatpants — pink, of course.

Juicy Couture

The more bling, the better.

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Dump Him Graphic Tee, $18

While this shirt was most famously worn by Britney Spears, a friend of Hilton’s, the heiress didn’t shy away from graphic tees either. This replica is iconic though.

Etsy @ConsciousCoStudio

Monogram Phone Case, $35

The 2000s bedazzled flip phone may be gone, but we can still channel the era through this monogram phone case. Its rainbow design is reminiscent of Hilton’s beloved Louis Vuitton purses.


Louis Vuitton, but make it affordable.

The Sydney Morning Herald/Fairfax Media/Getty Images

Key Hole Halter top, $80

The halter top dominated 2000s fashion, whether it came on shirts or dresses. Consider this white keyhole halter top as an upgrade from your basic white tank top.


Revice Low Down Jeans, $69

If you’re brave enough to emulate Hilton through her love of low-rise jeans, we applaud you. Pair with a retro camisole or graphic crop top — and leave the body-shaming back in the 2000s. In the words of Hilton, “No matter what a woman looks like, if she's confident, she's sexy.”


Now you have the full fit.

J. Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images

Von Dutch light pink glitter trucker hat, $70

Whether you’re having a bad hair day or just need to add a little something to your outfit, this Von Dutch cap is the perfect 2000s accessory. Paris loved the brand just as much as her Juicy Couture.

Von Dutch

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