How to dress as hot as Lil Nas X for under $100

Each piece we have for you is as eccentric as the artist — but not as expensive as his wallet can afford.

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Lil Nas X has made headlines in the past for his eclectic style and countless country remixes, but the past few weeks have seen the singer in hot water for his new song “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),” and the Satanic Air Max 97 sneakers he dropped with MSCHF.


With Nike since recalling the unofficial shoes though, fans are looking for alternate ways to celebrate Lil Nas X (and possibly Satan). Whether you prefer the singer’s cowboy couture or sinister style, we’ve found seven pieces all under $100 for you to channel — or rather, summon — Lil Nas X by.

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Patta Universe Relaxed Button Down Shirt, $93

This busy button-up is a callback to Lil Nas X’s cowboy era, when he mixed prints with bold colors and even other patterns. The simple black and white design of this shirt makes it easy to pair with anything, but its circular pattern keeps you standing out from the crowd.

Patta Universe

Barbed Wire Link Bracelet in Stainless Steel, $60

To add a hint of edge to any fit, consider this barbed wire bracelet. The punk style is similar to the jewelry Lil Nas X wore in his MONTERO music video — dress accordingly.


You don't need much else to complete the look.

Lil Nas X

Concepts Devil Warp Tee, $30

If you’re feeling the singer’s more devilish designs, look no further than this graphic tee. While it might not anger conservatives online, the T-shirt still makes a great addition to any fit.


Shiny Fringe Jacket, $70

Two of the singer’s most loved (and most on-trend) styles are sequins and fringe. This unisex jacket does both with a decorated collar and blinged-out details.


Cowboy couture.

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Solid Red Suit Pants, $50

These hot pants are fit for any Lil Nas X era — and any outfit. Their flattering style makes the pants suitable for work, drinks, or taking a stripper pole down to Hell (IYKYK).


Ray-Ban RB3607 Sunglasses, $90

Even if you’re not onboard with Lil Nas X’s bolder looks, you can accessorize like the singer with these 2000’s era shades. The retro style will complement any outfit, whether you’re donning a neon cowboy hat or just plain jeans.



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Satan Shoes, $92

If you weren’t able to get your hands on the OG Satan Shoes — or are now choosing to send yours back for a refund — consider these sneakers as an alternative. Although they don’t contain real human blood, they still bear pentagram detailing.

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