How to dress like Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker for under $100

When the couple have clothes on, their looks are complimentary. You and your beau can get the same style, but for less — just pair with an abundance of PDA.

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are one of the hottest celebrity couples of the moment. Their coinciding outfits — as well as their constant PDA — makes them an easy couple to root for.

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In the past few months, Barker has notably influenced Kardashian’s style. The Poosh founder has gone from wearing minimal pieces to punk staples like leather and mesh, taking care to match with Barker on the red carpet and during casual errands. Although you may not have a beau of your own to influence you, you can easily replicate the couple’s punk look with these eight pieces, all under $100.

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When he’s not busy with Kourtney on a certain boat in Italy, Travis typically opts for Converse. They’re a classic punk shoe, and an all-black allows them to pair with anything.


Long Link Chain Necklace, $100

Add a touch of grunge to any outfit with this chain link necklace, which looks similar to the one Barker has worn with sweats, a suit, and swimming trunks. According to the rockstar, it’s an accessory worth wearing anywhere — style accordingly.


Try to focus on the shoes here.


Rectangular Signet Ring, $100

Travis’ love for silver jewelry may be even greater for his love for Kourtney — no matter the occasion, he’s always repping some sort of bling. This silver ring is an easy add-on to any outfit.


Marc Jacobs Stinky Rat Longsleeve, $95

Grungy and reminiscent of a time when Blink-182 was at its peak, this Marc Jacobs Stinky Rat tee could easily be incorporated into Barker’s everyday style. The archival graphic pairs nicely with his usual rotation of jeans, Converse, and black beanies.

Marc Jacobs

Go grunge.

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Floucia SIENNA Sunglasses, $50

Barker and Kardashian and both consistently spotted in these sunglasses, to the point where we don’t know if they both own a pair or are just sharing one. Get your own shades, and like the couple, take them anywhere — even the VMAs.


Tank Air Compassionate Baby Tee, $95

We could see Kourt wearing this graphic tee not because she aligns with its message, but with its fit. All-black and tight in all the right places, the shirt would look great amongst Kardashian’s growing collection of leather pants.

Tank Air

Throwing shade together <3

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Classic Layered Coin Belt, $68

Kravis is rarely seen in public without some aspect of silver hardware on. Metallics are just part of their punk lifestyle — channel the couple with this versatile chain belt.


Miaou Mini Tee, $98

Kardashian has been incorporating a lot more mesh into her rotation, most likely because the material allows for a cheeky translucent look. Wear a graphic tee underneath this mesh layer, or opt for a black bra to go full-on Kourtney.


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