How to dress like cool guy Justin Bieber for under $100

The singer is famous for many things, but his style often goes overlooked. These eight affordable pieces will help you get that swag, swag, on you.

Justin Bieber performing at the 2020 Country Music Awards
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Justin Bieber, once known for his excessive bang and snapback combo, has slowly redeemed himself in the fashion industry. Collaborations with Crocs, paparazzi photos in Yeezy, and a closet full of Supreme, Nike, Off-White, Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, and of course, his own line Drew House show the Biebs has moved on from purple tracksuits to hyper iterations.

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Sure, Justin’s style may seem a little clout chasing — he’s definitely partial to branded puffers and his Dior Jordans — but the singer elevates his skate-bro look with tailored trousers, leather mules, and a massive collection of hats. With these eight pieces under $100, you can get the same laidback look without his stylists and massive budget.

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Nike SB Fisherman Beanie, $25

You really can’t complete the skater Biebs look without a Nike SB beanie. According to the singer, the hat goes with everything from sweats to suiting — very business casual.

Nike SB


Paper Cut Tee, $48

A white T-shirt is an essential part of Beiber’s outfit rotation, but he’s one for branded iterations, not basics. Channel his “retired hypebeast” style with this Noah tee and a pair of Dunks you paid too much for on the resale market.


Simple as that.

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In the rare event Biebs isn’t wearing a beanie, he’ll cover his bases (and head) with a baseball cap, preferably one from a lowkey streetwear brand. For all we know, this bleached Brain Dead could be sitting in his presumably massive hat collection right now.

Brain Dead


The Heavyweight Overshirt, $80

With Justin, comfort is king — but that doesn’t mean he has to sacrifice style. Layer this heavyweight flannel over a graphic tee, fitted trousers, and a suave pair of sneakers for a Biebs-approved winter look.


Biebs in blue.

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Vans Classic Slip-On Mule, $55

Bieber is one of the biggest slide fans out there, with a collection of high-end mules, Yeezy slides, and even Hilton hotel slippers. Channel his style with a checkered Vans mule suitable for any occasion.



Dickies R2R Twill Utility Pants, $80

When he’s not wearing sweats, Justin opts for tailored yet laidback pants, typically incorporating some sort of color. This Dickies iteration would look great with a hefty sweater, grail-worthy kicks, and of course, a hat.


Clean and comfy.

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drew house ss tee, $58

Justin isn’t afraid to rep his own brand, and does so consistently on the ‘gram. This tee comes in Drew’s signature sunshine yellow shade, and should be paired with sweat shorts, slides, and a beanie for a full Bieber look.

drew house


Fisherman sweater, $95

Like most people in the winter, Biebs is partial to a good fisherman sweater. Ideal for chilling by the fire while you’re eating fondue, this navy version could work with utility pants or elevated sweats.


An honorable mention goes out to this look.

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