How to dress like Latino king J Balvin for under $100

Perhaps the musician with the most colorful style, Balvin only ever puts out good vibras. Here are eight affordable pieces that do the same.

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Reggaeton star J Balvin perfectly embodies good vibes. With a personality just as upbeat as his songs, an arsenal of colorful fits, and rainbow and glow-in-the-dark Nike collaborations, the Colombian singer knows how to light up a room.

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As the weather gets colder — and more gray — we’re looking towards Balvin to add a little color to our everyday. Whether through his ever-rotating collection of sunglasses or his bold printed pieces, he always looks good. These eight pieces, all under $100, will help you get the same style.


The Lucid Blur Sunglasses, $89

The Colombian singer prefers to wear radiant pieces — meaning he’s constantly wearing shades to contrast the vibrancy of his own outfits. This pair features tinted lens and translucent frames, a style combination Balvin favors.

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Dickies R2R Eisenhower Utility Jacket, $59

Balvin is all about the workwear trend, but he’s not so much into its classic palette of tan, navy, and black. This maroon jacket offers the same structured look with a shade that’s still easy to style.


Make sure to get that oversized fit.

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Mimi Knit Bucket Hat, $25

Balvin loves his accessories, and one constant in his rotation is a funky bucket hat. This knit variation will help keep your head warm while also adding a little color to your fit.

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Bright Landscape Sherpa Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt, $79

For a musician that’s constantly traveling, comfort is a must. Channel Balvin’s street style looks with this funky sherpa pullover, guaranteed to keep you warm and looking good.

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Go full-out rainbow.



If all else fails, take a page from the Colombian singer and opt for a pair of statement shoes. Balvin’s own Nike collaborations are a little out of reach, but these graphic Converse sneakers make for an equally daring style.


Skinny Comfort Distressed Jeans, $55

One of the few basics in the reggaeton star’s closet is a pair of ripped skinny jeans. The style allows Balvin to show off his signature smiley face tattoo and some statement-making jackets.


Or go graphic all over.



Balvin loves color, but he’s also partial to patterns. This muted striped shirt is a great starting point for both — pair with ripped jeans, some graphic sneakers, and a chain of your choice to channel the artist.


Mini Nylon Crescent Bag, $38

Even on red carpets, Balvin likes to keep a fanny pack strapped around his shoulder. This variation offers a modern take on the style, with plenty of patterns and colors to choose from.


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