How to dress like Dua Lipa and be perfectly punk for under $100

RIP Hot Topic — we’ve moved on to Miaou and Marc Jacobs. Here are 8 Dua-like pieces to help you adopt her style.

Dua Lipa
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Dua Lipa knows her way around a bold statement piece — or outfit, for that matter. The star of her latest Instagram post (aside from, of course, the singer herself) was an Iron Maiden T-shirt with a sheer shirt underneath, showing Dua isn’t afraid to mix punk graphics with fun textures.

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In fact, the artist has become a pioneer in the style world, thanks to her love of funky fashion and seemingly endless budget (including designer connections we’d kill to have). But her style isn’t just for celebrities — you too can go grocery shopping in mesh tees and statement-making pants. Better yet, you can achieve Dua’s looks for under $100. How’s that for “New Rules?”

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Inamorata Lilou Long Sleeve, $80

Whether you want to go for Dua’s sheer look or stick to translucent layers, this mesh top adds some spice to even the blandest outfits. Its graphics and watercolor-like color remind us of vintage Cop Copine tops.


Marc Jacobs Mutant Bears Baby Tee, $65

There’s one designer that consistently graces the singer’s Instagram, and that’s Marc Jacobs. This baby tee is pretty affordable for a high-end name, and captures the weird, punk vibe of the brand’s Heaven line — also favored by Dua.

Marc Jacobs Heaven

Dua in Heaven.

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Miaou metal chain link belt, $60

No matter what outfit you pair this with, it’ll transform your pieces into a perfectly-punk Dua fit. With customizable sizing, the belt can be worn with pants, dresses, and even over jackets. Versatile accessories FTW.

Revice Denim Venus Flares, $59

Rock meets punk with these red flare jeans, which are currently on clearance. Boasting the high-rise Dua favors, the pants also feature a star graphic embroidered into the rear. They’ll have you leaving everyone as starstruck as if they met Lipa herself.

Revice Denim

Go all-in with a monochromatic fit.

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Aritzia TnaLIFE™ Mini Bra Top, $25

A key element in Lipa’s fits is a flash of midriff, which you’ll certainly achieve in this mini bra top. For more coverage, layer under a mesh top or a blazer.

COLLUSION oversized white blazer, $36

An oversized blazer has been a Dua staple since 2016 for a reason — it blends business with effortless elegance. This white one can be paired with a bra top or graphic tee for an elevated street style look.


Complete the fit with matching white pants.

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Flower Power Phone Case, $35

This phone case — which Dua actually owns — is a funky outfit within itself. Totally groovy (and protective), the case adds a pop of color no matter what you’re wearing — which, to be honest, is mainly sweats.


Large Michel Curb Chain Necklace, $48

Finish off any look with this chunky chain, which mimics the singer’s iconic Met Gala necklace. While it’s certainly a statement, you can style the chain to dress up sweats or sportswear, in true Dua fashion.


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