How to dress as fresh as Kali Uchis for under $100

The Colombian artist rotates through Y2K pieces and ‘70s jumpsuit with ease. With these similar styles, you can sample her eclectic style even on a budget.

Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis’ fashion, like her music, is hard to label as one style. The Colombian artist favors retro pieces as much as she does Y2K staples, making for an eclectic mix of outfits. On Instagram, Uchis can be seen sporting an all-cheetah-print outfit or a ‘70s-inspired jumpsuit depending on the day.

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When Kali said “do you and wear what you want to wear," in an interview with Vogue, she meant it: Her unique fashion is now just as renowned as her music. You can get a taste with these eight Uchis-like pieces — how you style them is up to you.

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Metal Chain Belt, $18

No Kali outfit is complete without a gold chain belt, which the artist has used to accent dresses, pants, and rompers. Like Uchis, pair yours with anything — and add gold chains and bangle bracelets for a more lavish look.


Miaou Elvis top, $95

Kali paired this top with the matching bottoms — and her pet bunny — for a sassy look. Style with some gold jewelry and your own pet for a similar feel (results vary).


Hop to it.


Queens Butt Lift Boot Cut Jeans, $60

Colombian jeans are the best, according to Kali. Otherwise known as levanta cola jeans — or butt-lifting jeans — they’ll offer a flattering look ideal for any occasion.

Colombiana Boutique


Sunglasses are Uchis’ signature accessory; shield silhouettes make up most of her collection. This iteration pairs well with other Y2K staples like bucket hats, low-rise jeans, and logomania purses.

Giant Vintage

Dressed up in denim.


Cord Bucket Hat, $58

Casual yet fun, bucket hats constantly make appearances on Uchis’ social media. The musician favors a textured look to offer more dimension to her fits.


Goldie Bag, $48

A simple nylon bag goes with any outfit — and when you’re dressing as eclectically as Kali, you need a versatile accessory. Style with some statement pants to balance out your look.


Accessories are everything.


Monogram Terrycloth Romper, $54

Infusing ‘70s style with comfort, this terrycloth romper screams Uchis. Its shade of blue is reminiscent of the artist’s favorite eyeshadow color, while its retro collar aligns with her vintage-inspired fits.

Urban Outfitters


As a Y2K enthusiast, Uchis has long been a fan of Ed Hardy. This koi fish top is one of the brand’s classic designs, and speaks to Kali’s overarching message of inner peace.

Ed Hardy

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